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Thank you for visiting! First up, how about a little fun?
Below is a map of Western Washington from OUR point of view.
We've included some of the major landmarks and towns to give you an idea of where we're at.
If you pass your mouse over some of the objects in map, you will find some interesting facts about our area.

The World of southcow

Chehalis River

Cutting through the southwest corner of thurston county, it feeds into Greys Harbor and on to the Pacific Ocean.

Olympic National Forest

Home of the only rainforest in the USA!

Black Lake

Great fishing and annual hydroplane races each summer.

Millersylvania State Park

Some of the best nature trails in the area. You have to pay a parking fee, but it's worth it.


Well, it may become a town, and it may not, so I’ll call it “Maytown. "Joseph Shelley" cira:1910


Named by a Mr. Shumach, a local resident, for a stone which he stated “is shaped by nature for a perfect mounting stone”

Mima Mound Natural Area

A one of a kind phenomenon found scattered about the county. Check this place out.

Black River

Relieving Black Lake of it's burden, the Black River flows gently to the Chehalis River.

Capitol Peak

From here, you can see the Pacific Ocean and five different mountains!(on a clear day)

Capitol Forest

Covering over 91,000 acres, it has trails for every mode of transportation ever thought of!


Lil' hole in the wall, my grandmom used to teach at the one room school there, nuff said.

Town of Oakville

Chehalis Indian Reservation

Town of Rochester

Grand Mound

Town of Bucoda

Skookumchuck River

Skookumchuck Dam & Reservoir

Deschutes River

Town of Tenino

Nisqually Indian Reservation

Town of Rainier

Lawrence Lake

Nisqually River

Alder Lake

City of Yelm

Fort Lewis

Mount Rainier

City of Seattle

City of Tacoma

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

City of Lacey

City of Tumwater

City of Olympia

Fort Lewis, god bless our servicemen and women!


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We're a small outfit with big dreams, one of which is to be the leading provider of online services
for South Thurston County. To that end, we're offering some of the most reasonable web solutions around.
We believe that if we help the little guy get a foot-hold in one of the fastest growing economies
in Washington State, we'll be one step closer to our goal.

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We want to keep our service area local because we want to keep it personal.
We're willing to sit down with you in and discuss your web and internet needs
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